Pelvic Floor and Diastasis Recti Assessment and Screening Techniques for Midwives

  • As midwives, you play an important role in guiding women through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.

  • Improving postpartum pelvic floor outcomes is possible with education, screening and professional collaboration

  • Assessing and screening for pelvic floor challenges and diastasis recti in pregnancy and the early weeks postpartum will foster long term pelvic health and core function for your clients

Diastasis Recti...

  • is not just about aesthetics - both form and function are compromised

  • results in compensatory strategies that can influence the pelvic floor

  • is a normal response to pregnancy but can be minimized during pregnancy with proper screening

  • responds best with restorative practices in the first 8 weeks postpartum

The Pelvic Floor...

  • undergoes significant stretch and is sometimes injured

  • is essential to long term mental, physical and emotional health

  • is best evaluated with screening questions in pregnancy and visually and with palpation postpartum

It's Time To Move Beyond 'Make Sure You Do Your Kegels'

YOU can play a role in changing the narrative around pelvic health for women

Deepen your knowledge and learn...

  • What the true core really is and why it is important

  • How pregnancy and birth affect core function and what to do about it

  • What diastasis recti is, how to assess for it in pregnancy and postpartum

  • Kegels - where do they fit in and how to teach them

  • How to assess for pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence

  • Optimal postpartum recovery strategies to promote a return to full core function and More!


  • We learn about the pelvic floor in our training - why do I need this course?

    While exhibiting at the CAM conference we had midwives asking us continually about kegels and how to teach them. We then learned that they were unfamiliar with assessment techniques. We polled everyone who came to our table at the CAM and AOM conferences and put this course together based on the requests and most common comments. Pelvic floor Assessment was hands down the most requested. We cover assessment techniques for prolapse and incontinence, pain and even how to optimize pushing.

  • I have a busy schedule - what is the timeline for completion?

    We initially tried to do this as a live course but we always had people cancelling - that is the nature of midwifery. We moved the course online and you have forever access and can take as long as you like to complete it and you can refer back to it whenever you like,

  • Is there an exam?

    Currently this is not a certification course and as such there is no exam. It is meant to supplement your learning and training and give you additional skills assess your clients with the goal of improving core function.


  • Julia Di Paolo


    Julia Di Paolo

    Julia Di Paolo is a and mom of two boys and registered pelvic floor physiotherapist and founder of PhysioExcellence.  Her practice is focused on pre-conception, pre-natal, intra-partum (labour and delivery), post-partum and all types of pelvic floor dysfunction at any stage of a woman’s life. Julia has established herself as the go-to physiotherapist in Toronto for pelvic health and recovery from diastasis rectus abdominis and has created and teaches courses on diastasis rectus abdominis, for personal trainers, allied health professionals, and pelvic health physiotherapists. She has been a guest lecturer for the Physiotherapy program at the University of Toronto. She has presented on DRA and the pelvic floor at the Association of Ontario Midwives Annual Conference, the Canadian Association of Midwives annual conference, the Ontario Physiotherapy Association Annual Conference, Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro) international conference and the Canadian Personal Trainer Network (CPTN) conference.  She has been interviewed for the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Canadian living and has appeared as a guest expert on the CBC tv show The Goods.


  • This was excellent!

    April Mellito

    The Pelvic Floor and Diastasis Online Course for Midwives was SO informative. I learned so much and feel better equipped in teaching my clients and helping t...

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    The Pelvic Floor and Diastasis Online Course for Midwives was SO informative. I learned so much and feel better equipped in teaching my clients and helping them prepare and heal. I recommend this course to all midwives!! Great work Bellies Inc. Ladies!! Thank you, April Mellito Licensed Midwife Bozeman, Montana USA

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